For Consulting Physicians

How great would it be to make house calls without unbillable windshield time?  What if you could blink and instantly transport yourself from your office to each of the rural communities where you provide specialist consults and back again?  Wouldn’t it be great to pick up two or three high-value concierge appointments without it impacting your clinical schedule?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could commit to dinner at home with the family knowing that you could pop onto  the computer in your study and take care of any emergencies that came up?

While no one can sell you a transporter device, telemedicine offers the capability to put yourself anywhere without all the molecular disassembly and reassembly.  It used to be that people asked what can you do with telemedicine?  But, with advances in communications, computers, and payment models over the past several years, it may be easier today to list what can’t be done – yet.  One thing is certain:  telemedicine can’t replace your years of study, experience, and judgement.  Telemedicine doesn’t provide medical care, it allows you to provide your care to more patients, more efficiently, and more economically than ever before.

Visio Heath has the tools and expertise to help you extend your reach, grow your practice, and do more for your patients than you can do alone.