For Emergency Medicine

Wireless, remote telemetry is nothing new in emergency medicine.  From the first-responders to the doctors in the emergency department, all have become appreciative of remote ECG and vital information sent live from the ambulance to the hospital.  The move towards triage coordinators directing ambulance traffic to the most appropriate facility for the patient places a premium on the timely collection and transfer of information on the patients’ ongoing status.

Voices over a radio limit the quantity and precision of information received by the ED.  Data and live video transmitted directly from the patient conveys critical information instantly and impartially.  The camera often sees what the person may not have time to describe.  The more effectively the ED staff can begin to direct care in transit, the more they can push back and reclaim precious minutes of the golden hour.

With recent developments in the speed, reliability, and coverage of wireless carriers, coupled with advances in computer equipment generally, anyone can afford redundant high-speed networks in vehicles today.  For less than the cost of a decent laptop, fleet managers today can equip their vehicles with Internet connections that companies spent thousands of dollars a month to have 8 years ago.  Visio Health understands mobile technology and how to incorporate these powerful technologies into your services.