For Employers

When employees are healthy, the entire organization benefits.  There are many ways an employer can impact employee health.  Medical insurance benefits, gym memberships, dial a nurse plans, healthy eating classes, and wellness visits are good tools.  But each of these benefits relies on the willingness of the employee to use them consistently to see a return on your investment.  What if you could implement a more direct, a more measurable, way to support employee health?

Visio Health can help you use cost-effective telemedicine technologies to provide high-quality medical care to your employees right in your facility.  The same technology can be used for other purposes too, like wellness visits, diet education, psychological services, grief counseling, substance abuse counseling, and workers’ compensation examinations.

Employers with self-funded health plans can benefit even more, as services may be provided by existing contracted professionals.  Visio Health’s relationships with employee benefit plan providers, drug and alcohol testing organizations, and wellness facilitators can be seamlessly integrated into your telehealth plan.

Do you have a dispersed workforce, or do they work in austere environments like mines, prisons, or oil and gas platforms?  No problem.  Visio Health has equipment and expertise that is up to the task.