For School Health

It makes perfect sense that the medical home of students from kindergarten through university should be centered where the student spends their daylight hours.  The profession of a student is to be present and ready to learn.  Doctor’s appointments, especially for chronic condition follow ups, impact the productivity of the entire family, not just the student and classroom.  For patients with single parents, a trip to the doctor for one child often means siblings must be taken too, for lack of transportation or supervision should the appointment run over or distance to the clinic require extensive travel or overnight stay.  Parents of these children often have to consume vacation days, or forfeit hourly wages for what is already an expensive excursion.  These negative incentives can lead to untreated conditions, poorly executed care plans, disruptions to employers, or strain on family resources.

But it need not be so.  With modern telemedicine technology and the high-speed Internet connections (E-Rate subsidized) that even the most remote schools now have installed, live and two-way medical care can be as close as the nurse’s office.  Visio Health offers pre-packaged solutions with special, educational pricing to help schools bring community doctors on campus virtually.